The Motor Oil Bible

I'm writing this review on this E-book because I purchased it and it was a really good read,Tons of information about motor oil.I would highly recommend to anyone like me,always wondering if I was purchasing the right motor oil for my car or if changing it every 3,000 miles was to frequent.

Even I, an "auto repair professional," tend to buy engine oil based on brand name and price more than on quality and performance characteristics, mainly because I never really understood what the viscosity numbers and oil types really meant. After reading this book I now have a much better understanding as to what engine oil does, how it is made, what the different types of oil are, and how synthetic oil and conventional oils differ.

For Only $17 (Less than the price of an oil change) this book can can save you thousands!
How? you ask,Think about it like this one of the #1 motor killers is excessive wear!
This book will teach you not only what motor oil to buy but that getting the right filter is just as important and when you hit 300k miles you will still have a strong running engine!
This can save you well over $7,000 or more if you decide to buy a new car!

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) indicates that a joint study was performed between AC Spark Plug and Detroit Diesel Corp. comparing oil filtration of varying efficiencies. The end result:

"Abrasive engine wear can be substantially reduced with an increase in filter single pass efficiency. Compared to a 40 micron filter, engine wear was reduced by 50 percent with 30 micron filtration. Likewise, wear was reduced by 70 percent with 15 micron filtration."

If you plan on keeping your car for longer than 75,000 miles this book is a "Must Have".Click Here!

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